Wednesday, November 29, 2006

OMG she's crawling!!!!!

I cant believe it. Just a few minutes ago Ciara crawled forwards for the first time. She has been going backwards and commando crawling for a couple of weeks, but now she is on the go! Aodhan didnt crawl till he was 9 1/2 months, but he crawled, pulled himself up to stand, walked around furniture and walked all within a few weeks. Scary, now I'm going to have to chase her around.

But hopefully it tires her out a bit more. Thats why I have been missing for a couple of days. I have averaged about 3 hours sleep a night for the last 3. She has been waking up every hour or two. Has been very hard. So hopefully this helps her to sleep.

And if anyone has any ideas how I can get her sleeping properly again, I would love to hear them. How can a baby go from sleeping 12 solid hours to waking up every hour. I have tried everything, massage, keeping her awake longer. I know she's not too cold or too hot in bed, her room is dark with an orange plug in night light. I just dont know. So any ideas, send em my way!

I am teaching the first class at Glenn's school on friday. I am really looking forward to it. But I am finding it really hard to scrap on a budget. Because the kids have only paid $3 each, I am really limited as to what we can use. I will be cutting lots of flowers out with my sizzix in the next couple of days I think.

Well I'm off to cut and try to create!But I will leave you with a LO I created the other day. Really quick and simple, just a couple of lengths of ribbon really, but I like it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

crossing everything.....

in the hope that Ciara will sleep tonight. For the last few nights she has woken up about 6 times....I am buggered. Once I get woken up, thats it for me, so if its 4 am, well it makes for a loooooong day. It is also really dragging me down. I have strated thinking about going back to work full time, night shift, but then I think normally and know I could never do that. Its just so hard to stay happy when you feel so sad. It makes me feel like I am a bad Mum and doing something wrong. I also get really shitty and think of other peoples "perfect" babies. It's just hard, but only 4 weeks till school holidays, then the pressure is off a bit. Most nights I get up, but my wonderful husband does too, I can not imagine what I would be like if he didnt. He is such a sweet man.

Nothing else has been happening here. Just the usual day to day stuff. I got some scrapping done. One is a gorgeous pic ofthe kidlets, and the other is one I did for a challenge at the boxx, not to use card as the background. Was a bit hard! Love that pic of them together, they really do love each other so much. And I have got heaps of good pics of Aodhan at the park lately, he is becoming such a dare-devil, such a little boy.

Have a good week everyone!

Friday, November 24, 2006


two posts in one day, but oh well just had to share.


I am very excited and proud of myself!

They had a design team call, I applied (obviously, der), and although I didnt get the gig, I am chuffed to be asked to do this.

I may get there yet, although this does scare me a little. What if they hate my work when I do it? what if its crap. well, will just have to make sure it ROCKS!!!!!

YAY me!

On November 23rd, 2002......

we were married...4 years ago, man has that gone fast! It was a beautiful day, the hottest Nov day for a century, 36 degrees (of course), and we were sunburnt before we even got to Fiji. It was just a huge party, which was what we wanted, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We didnt do anything, althought Glenn did give me a voucher for a scrapbook shop. Yum! Hopefully that helps my mojo to return.

After my last post, we really thought the vomit had vommited itself out. Not so! I was woken at 3am that morning by the sound of Aodhan retching. His room is adjacent to ours so its really easy to hear everything. (better keep that in mind as he gets older hey?!) So I had to strip his bed again, and it had gotten the mattress this time. Thank god it was hot and for eucaltptus oil. But since then we have been vomit free. And he is slowly getting back to normal, I'd say he is at 98.2%, LOL!

When I was in hospital the other day, the nurse was a girl I used to work with at Sunshine ED, Viv. She was really encouraging me to go and work up there. Its a really nice little department, 2 cubicles and 1 resus bay. 1 div 1 nurse and a doc. They can only take triage cat 3 and below because of the facilities, but they do occasionally get a serious walk in. I'm really humming and haing about this. I feel like its time I got back into it, interaction with adults, using my brain, but theres a little bit of fear there too. Its been so long and I have forgotten so much. I am really going to have to think about it. The extra money would be nice, but for that I will be sacrificing time with my babies. JUST DONT KNOW!

Thanks for your input with the pool thing girls. Ciara has the floatie chair, and I have a jacket for Aodhan. He didnt want to wear it, but I just put my foot down. We really need to stop giving into him. So he wore it, and was fine. So I will feel a little better about taking them both in now.

Watched Jericho last good is that show? Skeet Ulrich is YUMMO! I have so many shows to catch up on. All Saints I havent seen for ages, amazing race, SVU, NCIS.

Well, better go, I need to do some scrapping. I have to do the page for the class and also the door hanger. I am finding it really hard though, because I cant just reach into my stash. The kids have paid $3 each, so I will be able to buy some bella flowers and some brads and buttons, but not much else. We are going to use card thats at the school (not acid free, but beggars cant be choosers), and I have a heap of PP here. I might do the page and then make up a kit for each kid though, that may make it easier. They will then have all they need, and the title and everything can be cut during the class. Looking forward to it, Glenn said its the good kids who are doing it, so hopefully will be fun for them!

Ok, so I am going to do the Russian dance now, as Sharryn would say, LOL! Have a fab weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I must say, I do not want a repeat of the last week....EVER! I think the bug may have moved on to another house now....not a moment too soon. I think the vomit smell has permeated through my nostrils, I smell it everywhere. There can not possibly be a trace of vomit in this house. Everything has been washed....numerous times...I have been through an industrial sized bottle of dettol....and I can still smell it.

Aodhan was really unwell on saturday. I was about 20 seconds off taking him to the hospital as he hadn't drunk anything all day, when he perked up and started drinking. It was terrible. All my worst nightmares all at once. He was so lethargic, his eyes were sunken and he was just lolling around. Then he started talking to people who weren't there. He was having a full on conversation with Pa....scared the crap out of me. So I said to Glenn, "Right, if he doesnt drink within the next 10 mins he needs to go to hosp." I sat down and tried to explain to him that if he didnt have a drink, Mummy would have to take him to see the doctor. He hates the doctor. So whether that did it, or the cramps (more about that later). So he was fine on sunday, just a few runny nappies.

Ciara vomited a couple of times on Saturday too. But she got off really mildly. And coped really well, little trooper! She was squealing, must have had the abdo cramps as well.

Me? Well, I thought I had escaped. But no. Woke up at 3am Sunday feeling very ill, but told myself I didnt, and tried to go back to sleep. Ciara woke up at 5:30am, and I told Glenn he would have to go feed her as I was not well. While he wasfeeding her I started vomiting. I then spent the next 5 hours stuck on the toilet with my head in a bucket. Not nice. A few years ago I ended up in hospital after having gastro for just 7 hours. I was having muscle cramps and cardiac arrythmias. I must dehydrate really quickly. So at 11:30 am when my legs started cramping, I thought, bugger this I am not hanging around for it to get worse and toddled off to hospital for some fluids. So instead of having to stay overnight, I was able to get home 4 hours later.

But I know now why Aodhan didnt want to put anything into his tummy and Ciara was squealing. The abdo cramps were just shocking. It felt like I was in labour again. So if they had even just a slight ammount of that pain in their little tummies, I can well see why they were in a bad mood. Poor darlings.

But there has been no sign of vomit today! YAY!!! hopefully we will get back to normal now.

Its about 34 degrees today, and hopefully we can go for a swim later! I am is Aodhan, he keeps looking up at me really hopefully saying..."swim now Mummy?" I cant take them in when I'm by myself though. Well I could, because Ciara floats in the floater thingy, but Aodhan is a dare devil, and I'm too scared. I would rather have two adults around. Better safe than sorry hey?

I have just signed up to be a mystery shopper. I will go around to whereever they send me, evaluate the shop and service and get paid for it. Not much, but you dont have to declare it, so thats good. And its easy, you just go and do some shopping....LOL! How hard could that be? Will let you know how my first job goes. And if it keeps me in yummy new scrap supplies, whats 1 hour a week hey?

I spent a couple of hours in the chatroom at the boxx on friday night, what a pisser. would love to go there more often, but with Ciara waking up at night again, I really cant handle it, or maybe I'm just getting old? I also hope that all the crap thats been happening sorts itself out too. People are being hurt for no reason, and its just got to stop.

Before I go, I had better wish my gorgeous husband a VERY HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY! Love ya darl.
Ok, so I think thats all.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Crisis over

No more vomiting yay!!!! Aodhan got a really mild dose, only vomited a few times, no diarrhoea, thank goodness. I was sure I was going to get it, he vomited all over me last night, and Glenn was holding a towel onder his mouth to catch it. Holding and angling a towel so it sprayed up into MY MOUTH. Yuck!!!!! I was dry retching, it was a close one LOL!

I have almost done all the washing, almost dettolled the whole house. All I can say is thank god thats over!

I am determined to scrap tonight, feels like it has been forever. I have so many fab pics, but I dont want to rush them and stuff up.

I also wanted to send a big get well to Tammy.....hope you get home soon and its all sorted out!

Take away night tonight, might have a gyro...yummy!

And Aodhan is going to meet DOROTHY the dinosaur tomorrow, well if we can get near her at Brimbank Central. Will be trying to get pics of that for sure!

So thats it from me, what a boring life.

P.S. for those of you who encouraged me to sub the eyes of blue LO, I did, and got rejected. But thats OK, cos I LOVE IT!!!! and thats all that matters!

have a good weekend girlies.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quick note!

Hi girls, just posting a really quick not to let you know I may not be around much for the next couple of days. The inevitable has happened and Aodhan is vomiting. Walked into his room this am and there was vomit everywhere, even in his hair. Lucky Glenn hadn't left yet and his med cert covers him for today :). So my poor little tyke is OK, pretty much his usual self. I am really hoping that because he has started on an empty tummy its not going to hit very hard. I am trying to push some gastrolyte, but he doesnt want a bar of it. But he has had a sip of water about 20 mins ago and hasnt come up yet....fingers crossed.

So ladies, I need you all to send CIARA NOT GETTING GASTRO VIBES our way. One of the things that used to break my heart at work was little babies who had gastro. I am hoping soooooo hard she doesnt get it, we are keeping them apart as much as poss, but theres only so much you can do. I also hope they dont get it as bad as yours did Tam, I can only imaging how hard that must have been

Will update and visit your blogs when I can ladies.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well, after my little time out on sunday (LOL), The kids were fantastic monday, Ciara even slept in till nice, almost as if she knew mummy would be a little under the weather!

But then monday night....2:30 am, I get woken by this horrible retching noise...yes, Glenn has gastro! At least he had the decency to stay down on the couch. The Ciara wakes up at 4:30, put her back to sleep, but didnt settle so had to feed her. So that was 5 am. The she decides to wake up for good at 6. I think I got all of 4 hours sleep. So then tuesday Glenn is bannished to our room. The last thing I need is the kids getting it. So I was incredibly tired, and them Ciara decides to wake up 5 times last night. I am so not used to this anymore. Hopefully its just her teeth, and she settles down quickly.

I so want to scrap, have heaps of fab pics just sitting there, but I just dont have the energy.

So thats me this week tired and just cant be bothered.

Hope everyone has a better week than me!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

ummmm OK

im a bit pished....had a few, lol

thunder and hopefully i dont end up needing the maccas loo like shaz im the am, lol


what a disgrace

Journey over

Well, I found out this morning that my DT comp journey is over. I didnt make it through to round 5. And its strange, but I'm not really very upset, and I think thats because I never expected to get as far as I did. While I am disapointed, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off me. My eye has stopped twitching! So maybe I was ready, and if that is the case, I'm glad I didnt get through cos I hate not living up to peoples expectations. And I am quite sure there will be more opportunities out there. So thats my entry LO on the right up there, I was inspired by a cushion that had those patterns on it. I love it, I think its really pretty.

The other LO is one I did yesterday afternoon. Another one that only took 2 hours. I was soooo sick of using stars on Aodhan's pages, I just had to think of something circles it is! And I really like that one too. Has a modern feel, all that space and the lines of it. Minimalist.

And I must add that I have been totally BLOWN AWAY by the respone to the eyes of blue LO that I posted at scrapboxx the other day. For a LO that took 2 hours to creat, quite a number of people seem to like it. And that makes me happy, because I LOVE it too. I think it has now become my fave LO. And I would be willing to bet it doesnt get picked up for publication though. I am sure they see my name on the email and dont even look. Buy you never know, all that counts is that I like it. I just really wanted to get a LO of one of the kids in a mag, so they can be a star, and they can take it for show and tell etc! Will wait and see.

Well I need to go and do some grocery shopping, and then we are off to see my Dad's side of the family for the Treloar Christmas BBQ. We aren't all that close, but get along OK. And some of them are ferral. Included are:- 2 heroin addicts, one single mum with 4, well three cos one has been taken off her, all diff dads, she started when she was 16. Lets just say that I was the first on that side of the family to finish high school, get a uni degree, and be married before I had kids. Not that theres anything wrong with being a single Mum, I admire them and think that sometimes they are better off, but not these ones. 4 kids, but about 8 STOP's, heroin use and alcohol use while preg and post preg, one cousin is 2 years older than me, and she has been so ravaged by drugs that she looks joke. poster child for why NOT to do drugs. So will let you all know how that goes and the ferralness.

Last night we went up to the festival. It was fun. Glenn took Aodhan on the BIG slide, and he loved it, the look on his face was to follow, LOL! and I took him on the dodgem cars....I think he was a little scared, but still loved it! So that was fun. Ok, better get going, catch up soon!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The day after

Well, was a naughty girl and stayed up last night to gave fun in the chatroom at the boxx with the girls. Heaps of fun. I got to bed at 11:45pm, was still awake at 1am, and guess who woke up at 5:30am.....BUGGER!!!!!
Was not happy. And then she proceeded to vomit her bottle all over me.....gross but ok, been done before, just get changed. Not this time....she got my hair! yuck. So I was not going to sit for 1 and 1/2 hours with vomit in my hair, so I had to get Glenn up and have a shower. I really have to get over feeling guilty about Glenn getting woken up. Its his turn I reckon.

Anyway, heres a LO I did yesterday. It took me all of 2 hours, and I am totally in love with it. Inspiration just bit me and I had to do it.

I was going to upload my DT entry, but I guess I should wait until the round 5 people are announced. I didnt think of this before, but it may be construed by some as giving myself an edge if one of the DT members stumbled accross my blog. Not that I think that would happen, but there are some crazy people out there, people who go out of their way to make your life a misery. So I will wait. Still not feeling confident though, can only wait now.

When I logged on a little while ago I was very saddened to read of Belinda Emmetts death from ca bone. So young, but when it gets in the bones, well you're fucked basically. And its a terrible way to die. We women are so slack about taking care of ourselves. I never check my breasts for lumps, and I have had one before. STUPID! When was my last pap smear? Probably 10 years ago...first and last. STUPID! How fucking stupid is that, especially since I now have two little people who are going to depend on me for a while. So I am making a pact with myself that I am going to get these things done.

Nothing else is really happening, have done 4 loads of washing today....cant wait to fold it all up...NOT! Glenn has taken the kids down to main st to check out the Djerwarrah festival. I wanted to go, but am feeling way too tired and grumpy. So i am going to spray the carpet and see if it comes up any cleaner.
So have a good weekend all.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Thanks girls for all your encouragement and ideas. Julie the door hanger is a fab idea, and thats what we are going to do!
And as to supplies, Tammy thats a lot of good ideas, going to scour the cheapie shops over the weekend. But you know what? I have a perfectly good sizzix machine with 3, yes 3, alpha's just sitting here. I hardly use it because although I like the alpha's I have, they just arent big enough. So I am going to be able to use that for any letters they need, and I have a few flower dies too, so at least its going to be used.
I am really quite excited about it. I hope that they enjoy the workshops and they get something from them. Even if I inspire just one of them, well, I will be stoked!
Not much else has been happening around here. I pretty much fell in a heap on Tuesday, slept all day. But I needed it, and I slept all that night too, so didnt hurt me. The abscess is going down, but I am still very run down. So I am going to take your advice Mardi. I am going to see a naturopath, and hopefully will start to feel better.
But I seriously think it has alot to do with the PND, you know the PND that I only just admitted I have. For almost 2 and a half years I have been feeling like I'm not me, and I think my body just gave up, had enough. And fair enough too. So I am doing deep breathing/meditation every day. I try and get the kids down to sleep together, lie on the couch and just breathe, and then I do it when I get into bed at night. And I am feeling less stressed and angry. And that can only be a good thing!
So now I just need to get on top of the tiredness. I have all these ideas for LO's bouncing around in my head, and just dont have the energy to put them down. That and the fact that they look so good in my head....but dont turn out that way on paper! LOL!
Well thats about all from here. Ciara is so close to crawling. She gets her little legs underneath her, so she is up on her knees, but propells herself backwards, LOL! But its not going to be long! And she prefers to sit in the middle of the floor and just lord it over Aodhan! Thats my girl! Got a great pic of the two of them yesterday, cant wait to scrap it.
Well entries close for round four of the scrapboxx DT comp at midnight tonight. I emailed mine off on Wed. Not feeling very confident this time around, but we will see! Will upload my entry tomorrow.
Till next time, have a good one!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Am I mad?????

The Vice Principal at Glenn's school has just asked me if I would like to go there of a Friday arvo and teach some of the grade 5/6 girls scrapbooking. While I think thats fab, now I am starting to think I was a little mad to accept. I have no idea what supplies I am going to have to get, but its probably going to have to be cheap stuff. Its a low economic area, and the school cant afford to buy heaps of stuff too. So it will be good to help create excellent LO's for not much money. I have heaps of PP that I bought when I first started scrapping, that I am never going to use, so thats sorted, but I am also going to need flowers, and ribbon, and chipboard letters. They are goig to have to be pre-cut. And I am sure Bella have brought out some, did I see them at the reject shop. I think I did, cos thats where I got the 12x12 sheets of 2mm thick CB. And they were like $3. Go grab a bargain from the reject shop girls.

Can anyone else think of anything I may need? Its going to be in the art room, so tools may not be a problem, but if I want to teach them to use eyelets etc, I will need to bring mine, but thats OK.

Should I get them to do it as gifts for their parents? or friends? Heaps to think about!

Each class will be for an hour and a half, how many sessions should I do? Oh god, I'm off to think!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Blogger is being a good boy, so here are a few LO's I have created in the last few days. And I also got my DT entry done, thanks Sharryn for your feedback. So I will email that off tomorrow. Honestly dont think It's good enough, think my DT journey may be over, but I have really enjoyed the work I have done, and am really proud I got this far.

My body is falling apart. I am so tired and run down, and its affecting me badly now. My eye is STILL twitching, I have another abcess under my arm, just a little above the previous one, I wake up and fell like I havent slept, even though I'm in bed at 9pm. SO OVER IT!!!!!

But my arm is what I am most pissed off about. I havent shaved or anything, used depilatory cream, but still a bug has gotten under the skin. So off I went to see the doc this morning, cos I WAS NOT going to wait and have it do what it did last time. So I am on heavy duty antis, have an antimicrobial topical lotion, and I also got myself a chlorhex wash. The doc seems to think that it may be a staph infection, and they are opportune buggers, and because I am run down and tired and depressed, it had taken full advantage. I am giving it 48 hours for the augmentin to get on top of it, and if it hasnt by them, I guess it will be another excision and drainage. But IT WILL NOT get to that!

So I have had a good cry, and Glenn is going to "try" to be a bit more of a help. And I dont mean he isnt by saying that, he is. But its the times when he is sitting on his arse at the table watching Aodhan eat, and he wants a face washer.....and just waits till I go get it. So he is going to try harder at small stuff like that. You know, the small stuff that pisses me off so much, because it makes it look like he just cant be bothered! LOL!

Ok, enough whinging. Have a good week all!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It all caught up with me!

The busy couple of weeks we have had that is! I have been so tired. Even though the kidlets have been sleeping in till after 8am ( thankYOU daylight savings, LOL!), I have still been falling into bed at 9pm. And putting the kids down together so I can have a nana nap! But I feel much better today, so much better I scrapped in fact. I was starting to get a bit worried that my mojo had decamped to Julies place!

We went for a huge 1 hour walk last night, Aodhan made it the whole way, and didn't complain once. We fed the ducks down at the lake, which is looking more like a pond everyday, and were going to have a play on the equipment, except some bastard burnt it down. Ok so we live in a ferral area, but you would think these young people would remember how it was when they had nothing to do when they were young and not do stuff like that. But then again like breeds like, so they havent any hope really. They were probably on their way to the dealer around the corner and got bored.

And thats another thing. I mean they are stupid enough for wanting to use, but when they cant figure out the dealers addy. Yep, 8pm a few nights ago theres a knock at the door. Open it up and theres this total loser standing there and goes, "Is Daniel there?" Glenn just said nope sorry mate wrong house, what number did you want. And the junkie starts getting all agitated as if we really were the dealers and were deliberately not selling to him. Then Aodhan pops his head around the door, and he said sorry and backed off. So a little bit of sense left. But how bad is that, we now have druggies knocking on our door looking for their dealer. I was going to ring the police, but thought whats the point. Just as long as they werent casing the joint. Its disgusting though. Its a really nice area, nice views etc, but then these lowlifes move in and smell up the place. Glenn was pissed! But what can you do?

I'm sure there was more to tell, but I cant remember. Anyway my lifes not as eventful as Sharryns, LOL!

Blogger is being a bastard and not letting me upload some more pics of the christening, so till next good, and if ya cant be good, at least be good AT it! LOL