Sunday, September 07, 2008

I know I said.....

that I would be posting more, but that was before I got this full time job LOL

Which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy I had the guts to apply, because it is turning out to be everything I imagined and more. Great team, no stress, lovely clients!

The kids are fabulous.

Aodhan is just amazing. He does something new that just makes our jaws drop everyday. Like the other day, he started counting.....and just kept going. He got to 100, and kept going. He got to 199, asked whats next. I said 200.....and he kept going. All the way to 1000!!!!! And you only have to tell him something once and it sticks in that sponge of a brain he has. Unbelieveable. I wonder everyday how we managed to have such a smart kid!

And that of course poses the question of schools. He will be a kinder kid next year, well he already is, has been in the kinder group since may. Do we go private, or the local catholic school until he is in grade 5 and then change? So, so hard. And we have about 6 months to decide!!!!!

Ciara is such a sweet girly girl. She is such a Mummy. Puts all her dolls to bed, and pats them and feeds them and gives them bottles. Stands there and counts them LOL, dag.

She is continually getting head lice, which sucks. I have tried spraying her hair with hairspray each morning, but I think I am going to have to try a leave in conditioner. We are spending a fortune on nit zapper LOL

And she has the chicken pox at the moment. Only a very mild case as she has been immunised, but has been quite uncomfortable, poor little chick. And I know how she feels, because I have them too! Yeah, I'm a freak. I have had them about 6 times now. Very, very mild, about 5 spots on my hands and torso. Heaps on my scalp and a few on my face. I've learnt not to scratch LOL

What else has been happening? Not much! Father's Day was great. The kids got Daddy a new shaver, which Glenn loves....and has used 3 times today already LOL. Pretty funny when he only sprouts a 3 day shadow LOL

Ok, I'm off to bed. Might have some scrapping to share soon too :)