Saturday, June 28, 2008


interviewing, applying, stressing LOL. This job hunting sure can be hard.

And because I am applying for mainly government/DHS positions, it's not just a matter of sending your resume in each time you apply. No, I am required to respond to key selection criteria, different for each position, and it's like writing an essay every time I apply for a new one.

And it is so hard to sell youself too. I am notthe sort of person who talks themself up, so I am finding that really hard. I just say what I have done and achieved.

I had an interview on Wednesday for a program that tries to keep people from representing to emergency departments. Having worked in an ED for a few years, I know exactly what they are tryingto achieve. Anyway, I can out of the interview and was not confident at all. But then I get a phone call Thursday morning, asking if it was ok to contact my refrences!!!!! Um, YES! LOL. Was so unexpected!

So hopefully I hear something early next week. Although the interviewer did say that because I had applied for another position within the organisation, things might be slowed down. My interview for that one is on Monday week. I sure hope that the other applicants aren't going to be kept waiting until I have had the other interview. I know what it's like to wait....and stress LOL

So nothing much has been happening here. The kids have both had temps, poor things. Glenn is on school hols now. That term seemed to go on forever. Probably because he was off on LSL for all of 1st term.

It was my Birthday on Tuesday. Had a wonderful day. Went out for dinner and got lots of lovely pressies. I'm just a bit down that now I can't really say I am in my early 30's anymore. This number can only be termed as MID 30's LOL. I only feel about 400 though LOL. No, I dont feel 34!

So Aodhan's birthday is next. July 12th. I can't believe my little man is going to be 4!!!!! He is learning to write at school, which is amazing to me. Glenn brought home a laminated book with the letters in cursive so he can trace over them and then rub it out. He lovs it. So industrious.

I am determined to scrap in the next few days. No interviews this week so I can relax LOL

And I just wanted to shout a HUGE congrats to my gorgeous friend Sharryn for getting her dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!


Blogger Petrina McDonald said...

hellllooooooo...early 30s last until you are thirty-eight and half you know ;-)

28 June, 2008 15:18  
Blogger Louise said...

Oooh Happy Belated Birthday Dee!!!!

28 June, 2008 17:29  
Blogger Julie said...

*fingers crossed* ya get the job.
Ohhh Man! Always behind the 8 ball... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...u old fart LOL
Nah not really will be joining u soon enough. ;P
OMG! That has gone soooo fast! How is he 4 already???? I mean sheesh he was just a baby not to Ciara! Now I feel old! lol
Make sure u upload the lo's!
Yesss yes...I am getting there in that department SOON.

28 June, 2008 21:05  

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