Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going to be HUGE.....just a warning!

Well, I am soooooo glad the weekend is over. It's going to take a week to recover. Friday we went to Mums for tea. Saturday we had Christmas lunch and also celebrated Nana's 80th. It was a very long day, and the kids were so good! Aodhan was still running around at 11pm. And he slept in until 10 on Sunday morning! The christening was good, the priest was fab, really cool, had an ear ring and everything. Didnt stress about Aodhan running around, told the devil to be out of him, which made us laugh. Nice and quick, no holy crap, LOL! Just the basics, which is exactly what we wanted. Then we went out for lunch, and then said goodbye, cos the Poms went back last night!

So yesterday we go looking at cars. Glenn has wanted a bigger car for a while, and I really didnt want to get rid of my car. 2000 Ford Laser, top of the range, I didnt want to get rid of it for a crap car, and we cant afford a loan. So anyway, we went to Werribee, having a look and the salesmen were all over us. One was a young guy and Glenn was straight with him. Going to have to sell mine privately cos we wont get what we want from a car yard, no money to pit in etc. So this guy goes, well.....you can you know. So he says we will trade your car for this. A 2000 Ford fairmont ghia. Very nice, leather inside, cd, electric everything. $56,000 when new 6 yrs ago. I didnt know if it was too big for me though, so we took it for a drive.....NOICE! It drives really nice. So we said yes, and drove out of there with a different car! Couldnt believe it. Had to put the stamp duty etc on the credit card, but we got a good car for a swap pretty much so I am happy.

Got it home and out mate Jamie who is a mechanic has a good look. The exhaust is rusted, we thought it had a hole in it. The parkers dont work. there are a few dash light globes that need to be replaced. and it had an oil leak. We have to take it back on thursday for them to detail it and service it and the guy had said to us thats why they make you take it home so you can find stuff thats wrong. and so there is. Bit concerned about the fact that he said it had passed a roadworthy though. It so obviously isnt, but they have to fix everything under the warranty.

and its heaps bigger, the double pram fits in the boot with room to spare. So now we can maybe go away! So hopefully we havent bought a lemon! Jamie seem to think we got a good deal, as long as they fix everything. But now that they know we have a mechanic mate, they wont try to swindle us!

I was going to upload some more pics, but blogger is being very slow, so maybe later! But thats us at St. Dominics Catholic Church. Theres a really good one of Father Robinson pouring the water over Ciaras head, Aodhan wouldnt have a bar of it.

Ok, better go, Aodhan wants Cuzz's....cuddles. LOL!

Have a good one, and I will be catching up with everyones blogs over the course of the day.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

how funny is this???

My poor little possum fell asleep on the couch whilst eating some chippies. But he must have dozed off mid munch because they were all sort of just clinging to his lips, half in half out. He was then smacking his lips as well. Too funny!

Well we have a HUGE weekend comming up. Friday, down to Mums to see the crowd, Saturday, back to Mums for Christmas lunch, and then the Christening on Sunday. We are all going to be knackered!

Does anyone know if I should have heard from SM yet? I sent the LO on Tuesday last week, they got it on Wednesday (I rang Aus Post), and I haven't heard anything yet. I so want to email her and just ask whats the procedure, but also dont want to bug her, cos she would have to be busy. Or do I just wait for the commisioning letter in the post?

And Tammy, you know your post about not getting a read reciept from scrapbook creations? Well I dont even think they look at peoples emails to be honest. I have never heard of anyone being published in that mag, has anyone? But I may be wrong. I mean all it takes is a little click of a button, I mean they are in the email anyway.

Well the little munchkin is awake, better go and get her up.
Catch up with your blogs later!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Very proud and happy!

I made it through to round 4 of the scrapboxx search for a design team member! I am very proud of myself, I never expected to make it this far. But that is tainted a little by the fact that a couple of my friends didn't make it through. Sharryn, I'm sorry. and Tammy, sorry too. I can only imagine how disapointed you girls are feeling right now, but I am sure I will be feeling the same after the 10th of November. Congrats go out to Mardi and Megan.

I'm going to leave it there, I dont want to hurt anyones feelings by crowing about it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

so tired

well heres my DT entry, i stuffed up and the second bit has uploaded first, but you get the idea. its an extended LO, and the junkitz ringz were used to creat the flip page, and also as an accent on the flowers.
and the second part was the wall hanging, the ringz join the two sections together.
i am really happy with the first part, very proudof what I did
i am so tired at the moment. my eye is still twitching. pissing me off. very grumpy. grrrrrrr

Ok buggerluggs is awake, gotta go. Good luck everyone for the DT!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

look what I did!!!

how cool do these look? been playing around in PS7 after I discovered an article in SC #31 (vol 5 no 4), that tells you how to remove the background step by step. I have had this mag for ages, and it just goes to show how much attention I pay to the articles, cos I have heaps of pics I have wanted to do this to. I think they look great, and I am very pleased. So you can probably guess what I am going to be doing later on....yup scrapping! But I may also go to the scrap shop and ask her if she would be interested in me teaching some classes. I did go last weekend, but she wasnt there, just one of her friends, who did comment on my work, but I need ot from the horses mouth.

Now, I dont want to be controversial here, but I stumbled across a post on Ngaire Bartlams blog and it was real food for thought. She has said how the covers of our scrapping mags are just terrible.....nothing that amazes her, nothing special. and I must say that I agree. But I also think that alot of the layouts are nothing spec either. I know its a very personal thing, and there are some extremely talented scrappers out there, but I dont really go to the mags for inspiration anymore, but to the galleries online. I just dont understand how the mags can pass up some of this amazing work, and instead print very basic, very blah work.
does anyone agree, or do you all think I am a horrible person? I look at my work sometimes and think "thats crap!", but why is substandard work being published? I'm not saying this because I cant get anything published, but I just cant figure it out.

please dont hate me, I do think that the majority of the wrk published is amazing, but there is some that isnt. Do they not get enough work sent in for the themes? anyway, thats my rant.

hope everyone is having a relaxing saturday!

Friday, October 20, 2006

busy busy busy

we have been so busy since my rellos arrived on Tuesday. Its been really good to see them. We see Anne all the time, but havent seen Teresa since 1991, and Matt and Kitty since 1988! Even though we have been over there a few times, we never got it together. So its been fab to see them. And look at that, FAB has made its way back into my vocabulary! They are on their way to Sale to suprise Nana tonight, so hopefully they dont suprise her too much IYKWIM!

Thought I would share these two layouts I have created over the last few days, there is another one, but havent taken a pic yet. Cant wait to upload mt DT app stuff tomorrow. Hopefully we find out who has made it through fairly quickly. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Glenn rang me from work this morning saying theres a gunman in Gillespie road, police everywhere. Then he rings back later, saying it was a year 12 boy dressed as a terrorist, complete with balaclava and plastci gun, for muck up day. He sure has mucked up! Stupid boy, IF he is allowed to complete his exams, it will not be at his school, it may even be in prison. I emailled the herald sun and told them about it, and they rang Glenn to get the story, so they must not have known about it!

I have been so tired lately. My left eye has been twitching for well over a week, and no amount of sleep will make it stop! Its more annoying than anything. I need to go on a holiday, or even just have a massage....yeah right!

And I am a terrible Mum. For about 5 mins on Tuesday night, I wanted my old life back...the one without kids, where we could just drop everything and do what we wanted. We left Mums at 8pm, cos the kids were buggered, and they were all sitting around drinking and laughing, telling stories, and I so wanted to be there too! But then as I was driving home I got over it....guess its just not me any more! I like my mummsy life! So next friday night, all us youngies are going to go out for tea! Glenn Mum and Dad will hopefully be able to baby sit!

Well thats all for now, Ciara is due for a feed.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thanks girls!

thanks everyone for your congratulations, I still dont quite believe it, I am not going to count my chickens. I bet they say no thanks when it arrives. Just a feeling I have. Anyway, its to go in the wedding gallery, so I have no idea which issue it will be in, if it goes in at all.

And Tammy and Julie.....its only a matter of time girls, it has to happen soon, cos your work is amazing!

The phone has been ringing off the hook since 7:30am this morning. Mum went to pick the gang up at the airport, they arrived at 5:30 am (hehe), and they had a hire car to pick up. Well, the hire car exit is different from the car park exit, so they lost each other...LOL! So Mum was rining me from the airport, Justine was ringing me from Mum's, and Anne was ringing my mobile. Lucky there was a street directory in the hire car, and Anne and Teresa actually beat Mum, Matty and Kitty back...LOL! So they are here, and we are off to Mum's shortly to see them. Better let them have a sleep first.

I really want to get some scrapping done, have heaps of ideas, but I'm just not going to have the time!

And I juat thought I would share a pic of the pumpkins from this morning. They love each other so much, so cute....wonder how long that will last? bugger! blogger doesnt want to play, oh well next time!

have a good one!

Monday, October 16, 2006

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!

Um, I just thought I would check my email


YAY!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

now i just have to figure out how to cover a LO in the gallery! wow wow wow.

Starting Over

Well, I've learnt my lesson, no more trying to "fix" stuff up. I am not going to go through and try to post everything that was there, starting fresh!

So now I will spend the afternoon putting all my links, etc in....hopefully without stuffing it up. I think what I might do, is print out the template before I touch it....hopefully will avert disaster that way, although this is me!