Thursday, May 01, 2008

OH MY!!!!!

My sneaky fellow jackers at aussie scrapjacked have been keeping a very sneaky secret.


I am absolutely honoured, but most definately dont feel worthy of that honour! There is soooooooo much talent out there. I just hope that a few people jack me, how embarassing if we get no entries :(, so please, please, please jack me. At least it has brought a smile to my face, something there has been a short supply of lately :( But thanks girls, you sure do know how to brighten a girls day :)

This is the layout Sharryn chose, one of my faves :) Make sure you go have a look at PLEASE jack me LOL

Thankyou to all of you who have checked in here and left a comment, or emailed me after my last post. I am feeling better every day, I just got a bit overwhelmed by being so sick that I got a bit sad.

So while I am now healthy and happier, I am in the process of looking for a new job, which I think will bring things full circle and make me fully happy. I am hoping to find a position as a practice nurse here in town. Less travel, closer to the kids, 8 hour shifts {as opposed to the 10/11hr shifts I have been doing lately. Makes for a very long day, and I hardly see the kids when I have to work :( }

So wish me luck in pulling my finger out and doing my resume. It shouldn't take me too long as I have everything written down, I just have to make myself do it!

What else is news? Ciara turned 2 on the 6th of April, THAT was a great day! So much fun! I cant believe my little princess is 2!

Glenn is back at work after his long service leave......and hating it LOL. So we are both looking for new jobs. Change is good :)

Aodhan is great, such a funny kid. He is getting to that real boy stage. The other day he stood in the family room, said, hey Mum, stuck his little bum out and farted!!!!! LOL! and then he did it again.

And we have a kind of new addition to the family. A stray cat has been hanging around, it's only young and very cute. Orange and white stripes. So I have strated feeding it. and it lets me pat it now. Buffy cat aint too happy LOL.

Well seeing as I am actually scrapping a LO for the first time in I dont know how long, I'd better get back to it before I lose the urge.