Thursday, January 31, 2008

Naughty me!

LOL, I said I would post more regularily, and it has almost been a month.

I am back at work 3 days a week now, and it has taken me a couple of weeks to get into a routine. And now I am sick, but on the mend with the help of some antibiotics.

The kids are doing really well in child care. Well, Ciara is thriving. Aodhan loves going and playing with his friends, he just wont eat! We are still trying to figure out what to do, so if you have any tips, please let me know. He is a very fussy eater anyway, but is flatly refusing to eat anything they offer him except bread and butter.

Glenn's Dad is recovering ok. He is getting a bit down, which is understandable, so we have all been trying to cheer him up by getting him involved in things.

Glenn is enjoying his long service leave. Especially the other day when all his teacher mates returned to work. It's going pretty fast though, only a couple of months left.

This is his new hair do.

He is going through a mid life crisis I think. The kids LOVE his rooster hair LOL, and yes, it is purple! Cant wait to scrap this one ;)

OK, time for a quick share

These were my projects for really just ribbons this month. Tried for a bit of a vintage feel on this one, something I rarely attempt. Really pleased with how they turned out. Love how funky this one is. Some ribbon flowers, with puffy daisy centres. And I used my Poppy Ink kit, VERY funky and bright. I am still waiting for my kit to arrive this month, it sure is taking it's time, but then again, it has been snowing etc in the States.
Ok, well going to love you and leave you. Dont forget to pop on over to Aussie Scrapjacked tomorrow and see who the new jack is. We will be having some birthday celebrations over there soon too, can you believe it has been almost a year? WOW!!!!!
Have a good one :)


Blogger Petrina McDonald said...

am thinking that a sports car might have been a better option for the mid life crisis???

31 January, 2008 22:55  
Blogger Louise said...

Yeah she posts and shares!!!!!!

PS Arent you worried about him being hone alone [lol]

01 February, 2008 11:57  
Blogger Renee Culpan said...

Gorgeous layouts Dee I love the lace you have used , and that new hairdo is pretty cool!!

02 February, 2008 10:56  
Blogger Julie said...

Yeh Ya slack ass!
Pull ya finger out.
Only a suggestion pack Aodhan's lunch for him? sandwhiches etc...similar to those @ daycare.
& what's this I hear Miss Ciara is getting u up @ night....or should I say early hours?
ROFLMAO....@ Glenn. LOL I can't stop....betta go......PMSL
Oh ummm If I knew u were just over the bridge (not really sure which we could've got over there but we didn't get there 'til 4.30pm so would've landed on ur doorstep @ dinner time.
Have to catch up girly. we r going down again soon.
See ya

05 February, 2008 11:14  
Blogger Kate Tobeck said...

Love the layouts Dee! You did some awesome work for PP while I was away, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the kit. xx Kate.

07 February, 2008 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG nearly a year of Aussie Scrapjacking!
That is fabulous and has gone so quick.
Glad to hear that glenns dad is recovering but sorry to hear he's feeling a bit down :(
Take care

18 February, 2008 22:50  

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