Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last post for 2006!

WOW!!! another year over. Gone so fast!

Hope that you all have a safe, but fantastic New Years, however you may be celebrating!

We will be home listening to all the idiots getting drunk, running amok in the streets, and setting off fireworks from about 9:30pm, if its anything like last night. Hope they dont start any fires.

I have been busy creating these last couple of days, and here are the results.

I love how this turned out. I am continuing my new found love affair with glitter, I am using it on everything. It's on the heart and the photo corner on this one. The photo corner is crystal glitter, and I love it, so pretty!

I love this one too. Look at the expression on her face, It's like "Oh, bugger, I'm stuck" More glitter, on the letters and the swirl.

OK....I'm off now, time for the kids to get up. Will hopefully catch up tomorrow, I can upload my DT LO's then :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Glad thats over for another year! I love Christmas, I really do, but its all just so tiring!

The kids were thoroughly spoiled, got way too many toys and clothes. Aodhan was really good, he would go around and give everyone a kiss, say thankyou, and merry christmas! so cute!

Ciara was very well behaved on the day, we will not be speaking about the following 2 nights.

Here she is with her new doll.

And here is Aodhan with Ciara's new doll. LOL! He was showing it how he drives his cars.

And here are the two of them under the tree. I am seriously going to have to move the tree somewhere else next year. I never get good pics cos the morning sun comes streaming through there, and they all come out too dark. We got a phone call from Glenn's Grandpa who lives in the Dandenongs on christmas morning. He was really enjoying his WHITE christmas. Yes you read right. It was soooooo cold here on christmas day, and there was snow up in the alpine country. We had a few episodes of hail, but no snow.
It is still a bit chilly, but improving everyday. By Saturday its meant to be 34 and steadily climbing after that. Hopefully we will be able to go swimming.

Glenn has been helping my Dad put up a carport/pergola for the last 2 days. He wants to get it done before his op next month. He is having a tibiostomy and osteograft to his right knee. So there are a few things he needs to get done before that. Including the shade sail over our pool....hopefully, really need it.
Now for a couple of LO's that I have done in the last little bit.

This is a re-do. I scrapped this pic ages ago when Ciara was first born, but was never very happy with it, so I have redone it, and I now love it. The journalling reads: one tiny hand grasping one big finger in complete and utter trust, dependance and love. It's all worth it!

And this one is the LO I entered for the 1,2,3 challenge. Had to use ribbons, stars and a black and white photo. Love it!
I have a couple of LO's on the go. I have one LO to finish for my DT pack, am loving what I have done there so far! And I have another couple of challenge ones to finish.
Now, for all of you who havent as yet switched to the new blogger......DO IT!!!!! I have uploaded all these pics with no trouble at all. I have had no problems what so ever.
Ok, going to love and leave you all. If I dont update before then, have a safe and Happy New Years! I will be in bed early, just another day/night for me at the mo.
Sharryn, thinking of you, and thinking of what to send you in the way of advice re your post.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just wanted to.....

wish everyone


I hope that you all have a fabulous day tomorrow, that it is a safe trip if you are travelling, and you have fun. I hope Santa spoils everyone rotten.

We have already started, celebrated with Glenn's family today, so the kids have been quiet with their new toys already!

Tomorrow we are off to celebrate with my family. Hopefully wont drink too much.

Cant wait to see Aodhan's face tomorrow morning, he is really getting into the Santa thing this year!

So have a good safe one guys, and see you all in the next few days!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thought it was time....

for an update. I left you all with that fantastic piece of news the other day. I one of three proud new mwmbwers of the One Stop Scrapping design team. I am very excited, and a bit nervous too. Hopefully wont get too much performance anxiety and live up to everyone's expectations. I am stalking the postie, he should be bringing my first ever DT pack anyday now. Can wait to see whats in it, and create with it.

So thanks to Tracey for giving me this opportunity, and congratulations to Petrina and Alison who will be joining me on this journey.

I am going to be adding the links to me fellow DTers blogs, so check them out, some great talent there!

What else is news? Not much LOL!

We caught up with some friends over the weekend, that we hadnt seen for 5 years!!!!! We used to go see a band called CLAYMORE with them. Thats the band that Glenn and I met dancing away to. Well, Glenn was trying to be Michael Flatley, and I was laughing at him. My pick up line was..."would you like me to show you how its done?" LOL! We havent seen this band for a few years now, and they want us to go to the quiet man on saturday night. I really want to go, but Ciara has been waking up 5-6 times every night since Mum looked after them on Saturday night. Is one night of pleasure worth a week of pain? But I sooooo want to go!

I really need to get my christmas shopping done, HAVEN'T started yet...scary.

OK time for Ciara's I need a shower after tucker time, she has discovered the art of blowing rasberries with a mouthful of food!

Have a good one girls! Will leave you with a LO I have just done for the scrapapple weekend workout. Had to use eyelets and was fun!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Quick share

Hi everyone. Thought it might be time for a quick share. These are a couple of layouts I have managed to finish in the last few days.
I am really happy with them.....maybe I should scrap more when I am tired?! LOL
Sorry about the dodgy pics of them too, they really are straight.....they are!
I also have to quickly plug this fabulous online store I found.
Yummy! They are a bit pricey, but are very yummy, gorgeous, unique ribbons. I meant to take a pic, but havent gotten around to it, but go have a look, you will be impressed. Its owned and run by Fiona Carter, a very talented scrapper.
Well I have just recieved a parcel with my prize from the scrapworl challenge I won, so am off to play with that. If Ciara stops giggling and dad dad dading in bed and goes to sleep, and Aodhan keeps watching play school....what a terrible mother I am!
Its terribly smoky here today, those fires must be huge by now. And its going to be hot again tomorrow. I think we are in for a very bad fire season. Hopefully not, but it doesnt look good.
Have a good one, and take it easy. Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nearly there

We're getting there slowly but surely. Ciara's daytime sleeps have improved from 45 mins to 2 hrs+. The tresillian nurse I spoke to said she was sleep cycling and would sleep much better at night if she slept well through the day. So part 1 of my fiendish plan is in action. Part 2 is to get her sleeping properly through the night. She is better, wakes a max of 2 times, sometimes only once, usually at 4am. Hopefully with a little time she will get herself sorted out. The tresillian nurse service is great, and I will let you know the details Jules, for when you may need it. Its a M&CH nurse, on MSN.

There has been absolutely nothing else going on.

I taught my second class to the kids at Glenn's school on Friday, they loved it and want me to do it again next year, which is cool!

We got the kids photo taken with Santa on Friday arvo too. I didn't think it was going to happen cos they both didn't want a bar of him, but we just swooped and got em! And they aren't bad either. Had to get one of Ciara by herself cos its her first chrissy. They have scanned OK too, which is just as well. I need to print them off for Nana's. Bugger paying for them. The single of Ciara was $12, and the two together was $16, but we got 2 photos for that one. What a mint they must be making!

Anything else? Nope. STILL havent done my chrissy shopping......still havent scrapped 4 canvasses for gifts. Better get cracking hey?

And that reminds me. As these will be my first canvasses, what do I seal them with afterwards? And they need shaddow box frames yeah?

And another thing. DO NOT waste your money on the baygon fly baits. I bought some because Aodhan was born in a tent, and I hate fly's. I reckon they ATTRACT more fly's inside. CRAP!

Finally, a big congrats to Mardi for getting an honourable mention in the 2006 masters! Brilliant. And I will be picking your brain next year Mardi, cos I am thinking of entering!

OK, better go, have a good one!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Not much happening!

Not going to talk about baby girls, over it. I tried the offering her water overnight, worked well wed night. But then Glenn goes and feeds her at 1am last night....NO IDEA!!! so back to square 1 we are. She's crawling really fast now too.

I have won a couple of scrapping challenges in the past few days. One was at scrap n save, a small online shop here in Vic. $25 voucher, so I got me some chipboard. Another at scrapworld. That one was to use fabric on a LO, $20 voucher, so I got me some....yep chipboard. None of the papers out there take my fancy at the mo, so CB is something I will use forever.

With the boxx being offline, I joined up at a couple of other forums. Traitorus I know, but what can ya do. And to be in the chance for a $20 voucher, well makes sense doesnt it. I am keeping my eye on Zigzag scrapbooking. 2 of their DT members have recently resigned, so hopefully they will have a DT call. I would love to apply for that.

Now you all must go and visit Some very yummy new stuff comming out soon. Stripped chip, the alphas, and lots of shapes and swirls etc, look really good. Cant wait for them to arrive here, and I may even try and get some from the US on ebay.

I have been making myself scrap, helps me to relax a bit. Have 3 unfinished LO's on the go. Need glitter for one, lots of stitching for another, and one I have just completely stuffed up, need to change the title.

I got some of the MM ready to glitter stickers and glitter the other day. The stickers are like DS tape, adhesive both sides. So you stick down on your project, then peel off the top and then sprinkle the glitter. The glitter is gorgeous, superfine, but dont know about doing it on your LO.....can imagine glitter everywhere.

Well, have to go get the car packed up, we are off down to Mum's, I am teaching the kids at Glenns school today. Will be glad of the couple of hours off. I know that sounds terrible, but I've had enough. If I have to listen to Ciara squealing for much longer I am going to walk out and not come back/. Bugger, didnt want to make this post about that- disregard, I will be fine as soon as she sorts herself out....and with a lot of hard work from me.

Aodhan pulled a pic of the christening off the bench yesterday. My sister is holding Ciara. He goes.... buby sister and JUSTINE!!!!! he has been calling my sister shay shay (JJ) for ages, but yesterday decided he would grow up just that tiny bit more.

37 degrees here tomorrow, hopefully will get some swimming done. Then rain on sunday after noon, hopefully it will rain where its needed....over the fires and put them out to a manageable degree. All those poor people losing their livlihood.

14 days till school holidays......10 school days.

have a good one everyone!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crap, crap, crap

It has been. Ciara is still not sleeping and I am exhausted. Thankyou all so much for your suggestions. I have absolutely no problem with controlled crying, and would do it, but cant cos she is so bloody loud. She doesnt cry, she screams.She has woken Aodhan up and its getting really hard to stay controlled. I sit there and think that I shouldnt be feeding her at 3 or 4 am, but she just screams the house down. So I am going to have to suffer for a few more weeks, and when the school holidays arrive, Glenn and Aodhan are going to have a sleep over for a few nights at my Mum's, and she can scream all night if thats what it takes.

So it has been pretty terrible here, because not only is she waking up and screaming at night, but she will scream and squeal most of the day. I put her down on the floor to crawl around and play, and she will sit for 1 min, and then start squealing, wanting constant attention. I am getting nothing done. Glenn cracked it big time over the weekend, because he couldnt do anything HE wanted to, because I had to do about 8 loads of washing, vacum, mop, toliets etc. I lost it. Told him to just go and find something to do, get out of my sight before I knackered him. And then he had the cheek to comment on the fact that at 8pm that night I sat up in bed reading for half an hour. He just doesnt get it, no idea.

I am sure it has alot to do with teething, she has none yet, and I am sure they are trying to come through. So hopefully they cut soon and she will become a nicer little baby.

Nothing else has been happening, 1. I havent got the time for anything else, and 2. havent got the energy. I soooo want to scrap, but I know if I do the pics I have, I am going to do them crap, cos thats what I feel like.

Sorry about the depressing post peoples, but thats how I feel.