Sunday, September 07, 2008

I know I said.....

that I would be posting more, but that was before I got this full time job LOL

Which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy I had the guts to apply, because it is turning out to be everything I imagined and more. Great team, no stress, lovely clients!

The kids are fabulous.

Aodhan is just amazing. He does something new that just makes our jaws drop everyday. Like the other day, he started counting.....and just kept going. He got to 100, and kept going. He got to 199, asked whats next. I said 200.....and he kept going. All the way to 1000!!!!! And you only have to tell him something once and it sticks in that sponge of a brain he has. Unbelieveable. I wonder everyday how we managed to have such a smart kid!

And that of course poses the question of schools. He will be a kinder kid next year, well he already is, has been in the kinder group since may. Do we go private, or the local catholic school until he is in grade 5 and then change? So, so hard. And we have about 6 months to decide!!!!!

Ciara is such a sweet girly girl. She is such a Mummy. Puts all her dolls to bed, and pats them and feeds them and gives them bottles. Stands there and counts them LOL, dag.

She is continually getting head lice, which sucks. I have tried spraying her hair with hairspray each morning, but I think I am going to have to try a leave in conditioner. We are spending a fortune on nit zapper LOL

And she has the chicken pox at the moment. Only a very mild case as she has been immunised, but has been quite uncomfortable, poor little chick. And I know how she feels, because I have them too! Yeah, I'm a freak. I have had them about 6 times now. Very, very mild, about 5 spots on my hands and torso. Heaps on my scalp and a few on my face. I've learnt not to scratch LOL

What else has been happening? Not much! Father's Day was great. The kids got Daddy a new shaver, which Glenn loves....and has used 3 times today already LOL. Pretty funny when he only sprouts a 3 day shadow LOL

Ok, I'm off to bed. Might have some scrapping to share soon too :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


interviewing, applying, stressing LOL. This job hunting sure can be hard.

And because I am applying for mainly government/DHS positions, it's not just a matter of sending your resume in each time you apply. No, I am required to respond to key selection criteria, different for each position, and it's like writing an essay every time I apply for a new one.

And it is so hard to sell youself too. I am notthe sort of person who talks themself up, so I am finding that really hard. I just say what I have done and achieved.

I had an interview on Wednesday for a program that tries to keep people from representing to emergency departments. Having worked in an ED for a few years, I know exactly what they are tryingto achieve. Anyway, I can out of the interview and was not confident at all. But then I get a phone call Thursday morning, asking if it was ok to contact my refrences!!!!! Um, YES! LOL. Was so unexpected!

So hopefully I hear something early next week. Although the interviewer did say that because I had applied for another position within the organisation, things might be slowed down. My interview for that one is on Monday week. I sure hope that the other applicants aren't going to be kept waiting until I have had the other interview. I know what it's like to wait....and stress LOL

So nothing much has been happening here. The kids have both had temps, poor things. Glenn is on school hols now. That term seemed to go on forever. Probably because he was off on LSL for all of 1st term.

It was my Birthday on Tuesday. Had a wonderful day. Went out for dinner and got lots of lovely pressies. I'm just a bit down that now I can't really say I am in my early 30's anymore. This number can only be termed as MID 30's LOL. I only feel about 400 though LOL. No, I dont feel 34!

So Aodhan's birthday is next. July 12th. I can't believe my little man is going to be 4!!!!! He is learning to write at school, which is amazing to me. Glenn brought home a laminated book with the letters in cursive so he can trace over them and then rub it out. He lovs it. So industrious.

I am determined to scrap in the next few days. No interviews this week so I can relax LOL

And I just wanted to shout a HUGE congrats to my gorgeous friend Sharryn for getting her dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a quick post to say...

A great big hello to the girls in Glenn's class!!!!!

Hi girls :)

I am still looking for a new job. Not much fun. I thought I had one and then, nope :(

But oh well, it's all experience. Have a few applications to get done over the weekend, so hopefully.

Hope everyone is well and scrapping up a storm!

This is one I did a few weeks ago, some of the teachers at Glenn's school are having a sketch challenge.

Really love how this one turned out!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

OH MY!!!!!

My sneaky fellow jackers at aussie scrapjacked have been keeping a very sneaky secret.


I am absolutely honoured, but most definately dont feel worthy of that honour! There is soooooooo much talent out there. I just hope that a few people jack me, how embarassing if we get no entries :(, so please, please, please jack me. At least it has brought a smile to my face, something there has been a short supply of lately :( But thanks girls, you sure do know how to brighten a girls day :)

This is the layout Sharryn chose, one of my faves :) Make sure you go have a look at PLEASE jack me LOL

Thankyou to all of you who have checked in here and left a comment, or emailed me after my last post. I am feeling better every day, I just got a bit overwhelmed by being so sick that I got a bit sad.

So while I am now healthy and happier, I am in the process of looking for a new job, which I think will bring things full circle and make me fully happy. I am hoping to find a position as a practice nurse here in town. Less travel, closer to the kids, 8 hour shifts {as opposed to the 10/11hr shifts I have been doing lately. Makes for a very long day, and I hardly see the kids when I have to work :( }

So wish me luck in pulling my finger out and doing my resume. It shouldn't take me too long as I have everything written down, I just have to make myself do it!

What else is news? Ciara turned 2 on the 6th of April, THAT was a great day! So much fun! I cant believe my little princess is 2!

Glenn is back at work after his long service leave......and hating it LOL. So we are both looking for new jobs. Change is good :)

Aodhan is great, such a funny kid. He is getting to that real boy stage. The other day he stood in the family room, said, hey Mum, stuck his little bum out and farted!!!!! LOL! and then he did it again.

And we have a kind of new addition to the family. A stray cat has been hanging around, it's only young and very cute. Orange and white stripes. So I have strated feeding it. and it lets me pat it now. Buffy cat aint too happy LOL.

Well seeing as I am actually scrapping a LO for the first time in I dont know how long, I'd better get back to it before I lose the urge.

Monday, February 25, 2008

PND and pneumonia

Life sucks. You think you are getting on top of it, and then BAM, you get swept off your feet.

I have been pretty down lately. Ciara isn't sleeping, and Aodhan isn't eating. And I take it personally and think it makes me a bad mum.

But I will get there :)

And now I have also just been diagnosed with pneumonia. FUN! But I'll get there with that too :)

Will be back when I am feeling better.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I've been cooking with paper pesto!

I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest designer for the fabulous kit club based in NZ,
paper pesto for the month of Feb. Make sure you go check out the kits, FULL of yummy goodness.
I love how this layout turned out, a little bit funky!

And I absolutely LOVE this photo of Ciara! She looks so sweet and innocent.....yeah, right LOL

And I love how the MM word fetti look as a frame around this pic.

The kit includes everything you could possibly need to create heaps of layouts. And the papers are GORGEOUS!!!!! So make sure you go check it out, the DT is uber talented too!

I am absolutely flat out at work at the moment. I am working 4 days this week, I am going to be nice and tired tomorrow night. I havent worked 4 days straight since before I was pregnant with Aodhan, and he is 3 and a half now!!!!!
I may be changing my shifts around too, working 2 full days instead of 2 half days and 1 full day. Just because it's easier, and less driving. I am enjoying being back at work at the moment though :)
Well I'm off to hang some washing out :) Have a good one!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Naughty me!

LOL, I said I would post more regularily, and it has almost been a month.

I am back at work 3 days a week now, and it has taken me a couple of weeks to get into a routine. And now I am sick, but on the mend with the help of some antibiotics.

The kids are doing really well in child care. Well, Ciara is thriving. Aodhan loves going and playing with his friends, he just wont eat! We are still trying to figure out what to do, so if you have any tips, please let me know. He is a very fussy eater anyway, but is flatly refusing to eat anything they offer him except bread and butter.

Glenn's Dad is recovering ok. He is getting a bit down, which is understandable, so we have all been trying to cheer him up by getting him involved in things.

Glenn is enjoying his long service leave. Especially the other day when all his teacher mates returned to work. It's going pretty fast though, only a couple of months left.

This is his new hair do.

He is going through a mid life crisis I think. The kids LOVE his rooster hair LOL, and yes, it is purple! Cant wait to scrap this one ;)

OK, time for a quick share

These were my projects for really just ribbons this month. Tried for a bit of a vintage feel on this one, something I rarely attempt. Really pleased with how they turned out. Love how funky this one is. Some ribbon flowers, with puffy daisy centres. And I used my Poppy Ink kit, VERY funky and bright. I am still waiting for my kit to arrive this month, it sure is taking it's time, but then again, it has been snowing etc in the States.
Ok, well going to love you and leave you. Dont forget to pop on over to Aussie Scrapjacked tomorrow and see who the new jack is. We will be having some birthday celebrations over there soon too, can you believe it has been almost a year? WOW!!!!!
Have a good one :)